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Our “Ready-to-Live” interior package starts at 220,000 Baht.

  1. Get your style HERE!
  2. Select your favorite style/package from our selections. 
  3. Send us the service request form and attach your floor plan. 
  4. We will contact you back in 24 hours. No worry if you are in rush, just give us a call ANYTIME and we will be able to help you right away.
  5.  Your room is ready to live/rent out within 10 days.*
    * Under the specific terms and conditions

If you feel like our packages do not fit your need, just let us know and we will provide the customized package and style for you. For more information on package and more, please click HERE!


Timeless Classic
Modern Elegance
Comfy Loft

Step 1: Style Selections

Please select your favorite style/package from our 3 selections

  • Timeless Classic: contemporary interior design with classic furniture pieces. American, European, and Japanese family’s favorite. 
  • Modern Elegance: modern yet luxury comes with modern elements. EXPAT’s favorite. 
  • Comfy Loft: the latest popular design with cozy feeling. Youngster and designer’s favorite.
  • More styles: see HERE

Step 2: Fill-in the Service Request Form


Service request form

FOR SANSIRI FAMILY MEMBERS - Please do not forget to fill in the project name so we could provide you special gift :D

"For Designers"

10DK helps designers finding the exact furniture pieces as shown in the drawings and perspective illustrations. We realize that each supplier has its own expertise so we carefully select different furniture pieces from different places. We assure the resemblance to the original design, high quality, with reasonable price.

If you are interested in our service, please kindly contact us at email: [email protected] or call: 086.333.7747